The McLaughlin Group Team

The McLaughlin Group Team

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blinds Wide Open -day 100 Surprising Readership

This blog thing has now reached 100 days and what started out as a fun idea has turned out to be something pretty cool. Challenging to blog on a daily basis, therapy for me for sure, fun for the group to come up with ideas and hopefully fun for all of you on face book and the blog to get a daily dose. This is what really surprised me about the blog, the chart of where our readership has come from.

United States 4,093
Iran 145
Malaysia 35
Canada 34
Hungary 28
Germany 23
Russia 18
India 12
Greece 8
Ukraine 8

If we are to expand The McLaughlin Group, I may need to know if you have any friends in any of these countries or at least friends with vacation homes.

This is Dave, from The McLaughlin Group, connecting the world and Keeping it real in real estate! :)

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