The McLaughlin Group Team

The McLaughlin Group Team

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BLINDS WIDE OPEN -day 298 On the Hunt

You take a look at this title and you're thinking that I am going to talk about house hunting and the struggles of the modern day buyer....nope, i will save that for another day. Today the blog will be about Dylan and my brother Drew taking off for a few days to a remote ranch to bag some bacon. This is not store bought bacon but wild Feral bacon. So for two days they struggled to bag the elusive, crafty and tough swine but late on the second day Dylan was able to put down a couple hundred pounder. These swine can put a hurt on you so in the back of my mind, knowing they are both a bit timorous, I will always wonder if they just found it on the side of the road. Oh well, it does not matter how, for it is now, ribs, chops and sausage for the entire group. Coupled with our salmon, venison and our McLaughlin Group vino, I question if you will ever see any more skinny girls in our group photos.

This is Dave, from The McLaughlin Group, keeping it real in real estate!

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