The McLaughlin Group Team

The McLaughlin Group Team

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BLINDS WIDE OPEN -day 135 Tailless Coyote

Last night driving around with Miley after a long day at work, Miley and I were out looking for some wildlife. Passing a few of the homes we have sold there was not a deer or snake to be found and then there he was. I have seen him on the way to work and late in the evenings. Obviously, he has found a comfortable neighborhood to hang out in. This young coyote must have been in some sort of fight and lost his tail. He must be humiliated losing his bright and bushy tail and feeling like he has to slink around under the cover of darkness. If you are along Mulholland, Crags or Lake Vista keep an eye out for stubby, the tailless coyote.

This is Dave, from The McLaughlin Group, keeping it real in real estate.

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