The McLaughlin Group Team

The McLaughlin Group Team

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BLINDS WIDE OPEN -day 350 Journey to Two Heavens

Okay, so "you all"(Texas speak) saw the post down in Texas of Kelsey and I hanging out but I need to say that Kels did have to study at times throughout my stay.  During one such break, I sped North a little over an hour oustide of Mckinney to visit Max....Quick background; Max grew up on the lake directly across from us, along with 3 other friends, Keith, John and Ken. Some others came and went but we would be called the originals, as if we were all water birthed in the depths of our lake. When I say we go way back, I mean 49 years. Whether it was fishing, the rope swing, marco polo, snake hunting, shooting the rapids, football, soccer, baseball, we had the very best of childhoods. A friend asked me, "is Max your friend?" How do you explain a bond and a childhood that is really unexplainable to most. It might stir distant memories for some about a long ago, far away summer camp but for us, it was our reality and it was an everyday camp.  Fast forward; from downtown Dallas the landscape evolves and rather quickly, from city, to suburb, to wide open territory and in that wide open territory, you will find Max and his family, nestled on 26 acres alongside a dirt road, that is, County Road 4460 or some crazy number like that. From what I could tell, a very quiet and peaceful lifestyle, not for all, but heaven for Max. On the backside of his 26 acres is the snake house; full of all types of creepy crawlies and slithering rodent eating serpents. Dragons, snakes, crocodiles, tarantulas all housed within this  2000 sq ft facility. Did I mention he has some lethal ones as well and I must say, I was a tad nervous. Cobras, Copperheads, Rattlers oh my! (Wizard of OZ). Max's Serpentarium was a dazzling display of Max's lifelong passion for snakes and his heaven. I was amazed and grateful for the opportunity to catch up with a lifelong friend. Fittingly, we ended our visit with some Texas BBQ and I sped South from wide open territory, to suburb, to city, and then to  my heaven (Cowboy Stadium) and all her angels.

This is Dave, from The McLaughlin Group, keeping it real in real estate!

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