The McLaughlin Group Team

The McLaughlin Group Team

Friday, June 22, 2012

BLINDS WIDE OPEN - day 336 Old Fish Tale

It was a typical warm summer day at Malibou Lake back in the 70’s. Whipper snapper Dave and his younger brother sapling Drew were down on the dock fishing. Each was casting their lines at the same time. We all learned to fish, swim, sail, canoe, etc., while we were still in potty training pants….was the only way Mom could have some peace of mind knowing that her kids were water safe and keen in the outdoor sport’s world. Dave and Drew often fished together, one at each side of the dock, so there was nothing unusual about that day. But all of a sudden Drew proclaims “I got one, whoa it is a big one” and as he started to reel it in, Dave lets out a painful yelp and then hollers “Drew, you got me in the side of the head.” Sure enough Drew cast his lure right into his brother’s scalp. Mom, Dad and I went rushing down to the dock as squeals from Dave became louder and louder. Of course Dad wanted to just pull it out hook line and sinker right on the spot like an old cowboy pulling an arrow out of a leg. However, Dave’s squirming body and pleas for sanity reined Dad back in from the Wild West. We all jumped in the old Mercury station wagon and raced down the treacherous Malibu Canyon Rd to the doctor’s office in Malibu. The infamous Dr. Hodges held medicinal court in a 1960’s mobile trailer at the bottom slope just below where he would later build the Malibu Castle on the hill above. Some of you may remember the Castle but subsequently it burned down in a horrific Malibu wildfire. Anyway, Dr. Hodges removed the prize lure from Dave’s head and fortunately Dave lived to tell about it over a thousand times. A true fisherman! So those of you who have heard Dave’s listing presentation, you recall that he always uses his classic analogy of catching a fish with his marketing approach. “No one will spend more money on advertising your home for sale than me. It’s like fishing…you have to cast out in several places before we catch the big fish. We just do not know where the fish will come from.” Words truly spoken by a man who actually was caught by his own brother. Sister Kelly here, from The McLaughlin Group, keeping it real and true in the personal story department.

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